Pipeline Safety Systems and Services

Our flagship system is the Pipeline RisQ Guide, currently specific to western Canada. The first of its kind, it provides a pipeline Risk Index for all license segments, and for any river of community. It is available as a quarterly updated subscription and combines:

  • Threat (pipeline) data
  • Receptor (that which as at risk) data
  • GIS mapping and spatial analysis
  • Standardized Risk Index factors
  • Detailed receptor and aggregate Risk Index calculations
  • Database development
  • Interactive visual analytics

In addition, we provide a unique pipeline corrosion defect assessment service. Using our proprietary in-house DefX system, we investigate the structural integrity of a pipeline to a very high level of detail. We use location biased factors, external load allowances, providing for overlapping OD/ID corrosion and circumferentially extensive corrosion.

We provide professional support through the development of custom risk system solutions, the evaluation of corroded pipelines, the provision of Independent Pipeline Risk Audits, and the undertaking or support of  Pipeine Incident Investigations.

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